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Beach Status

Cyanobacteria Update 7-16-18

(These observations are based on our inspection of high risk Barnstable ponds with public or semi-public beaches.

Ponds without permitted beaches are not monitored until a bloom is reported by residents. )


Pet Advisory:


Lake Wequaquet (Stoney Point -Near Nye’s Neck Road,  Lake Drive West and the South end of  Holly Point )

Lovell’s ( Boat ramp/landing)







Definitions of categories:


Toxic algae are present, but have not collected into a film on the surface.

·        Pond shows slight discoloration

·         Can easily see through water

·         Low to minimal health risks to people

·         Higher risks for pets


Toxic algae have started to collect and form a film on the surface.

  • Pond shows slight to moderate discoloration
  • Can see through water, but water is cloudy
  • Low to moderate health risks for people
  • Higher risks for children and pets



Toxic algae have collected and formed a thick film on the surface (water looks like soup or paint).

  • Pond shows extreme discoloration
  •  Cannot see through water at all
  •  Moderate to severe health risks for people
  • Higher risks for children and pets





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