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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a diagram of my septic system location? | Top

We keep records of all septic systems which were installed after 1974. You may obtain septic system as-built information about a particular property. Many are now available at the Town website HERE . Or if you are in the area, you are invited to come to our Office at 200 Main Street Hyannis to obtain one free copy of your septic system as-built card.

When do you provide influenza vaccinations (flu shots)? |Top

Two flu clinics will be held sometime during the months of late October and in early November, depending upon when the vaccine becomes available from the State. After October 1st, please tune your television set to Channel 18 for specific date and location information.

I would like to build an addition at my home. Is there a limit regarding the number of bedrooms which could be constructed at my property? | Top

If your property is located within a nitrogen sensitive area or if your property is located in an area of private wells (e.g. West Barnstable area) the wastewater discharge flow will be limited. Therefore the number of rooms and bedrooms in your home will be limited. To find out whether or not your property is within a nitrogen sensitive area, click onto this map

My neighbor stores his rubbish in bags outdoors which are often torn open by seagulls and raccoons. May I register a public health related complaint to the Public Health Division over the e-mail? May I call your Office anonymously? | Top

Yes, you may write to us at health@town.barnstable.ma.us or you may call us at (508) 862-4644. Please provide detailed information regarding the nature of your complaint and the location of the problem. A health inspector will be dispatched to that location within twenty-four (24) business hours to investigate the complaint, regardless of whether it was made anonymously on the phone or in writing.

Who is required to register a rental unit with the Board of Health? | Top

Answer: Anyone who rents or offers to rent a dwelling unit or rooming unit, regardless of whether the unit is offered for year-round, seasonal, weekly, or as a daily rental. If you own, as a rental property, an apartment, condominium, cottage, guesthouse, single family home, duplex, or multi-family home, you must register the property with the Board of Health. A application for registration is available online at: www.town.barnstable.ma.us/health

How long is a registration good for? | Top

Answer: The registration will be valid until December 31st, and then all rental units must be re-registered for the following calendar year.

What is the fee for application for registration? | Top

Answer: The fee is $ 90.00. If you own two or more rental units on the same property, the fee for the additional unit(s) is significantly reduced if the owner is able to assist us by scheduling and consolidating the inspections on the dame day.

What is the penalty for failing to register a rental unit? Top

Answer: Penalty for failure to comply with any provision of Chapter 170, RENTAL PROPERTY Regulation is a fine not to exceed $300 per day of violation. An enforcement agent does have the option of issuing a $100 non-criminal ticket citation for each violation. Do I have to register my rental unit?



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