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New Fertilizer Ordinance


New Fertilizer Ordinance

Chp. 78 Fertilizer Nitrogen and Phosphorus Control

Key points for Barnstable:

Best Management Practices (BMP) for Non-Certified applicators:

* Do not apply fertilizer during, or prior to heavy rain
* No fertilizers should be applied between November 12 - March 31
* Do not spill, or deposit fertilizer on impervious surfaces
* Do not fertilize closer than 100 feet to any water-body, or within Zone 1 of a public drinking water well
* No phosphorus in fertilizer unless you have a soil test, or you are establishing new turf
* A single application of fertilizer that contains nitrogen shall not exceed one pound of actual nitrogen per 1000 square
feet, and shall contain at least 20% slow-release nitrogen fertilizer
* Single applications shall be done at intervals of no less than 4 weeks
* Deposits of grass clippings, leaves or any other vegetative debris should not be deposited into or within 50 feet of water
bodies, retention and detention areas, drainage ditches or storm water drains, or impervious surfaces

Full text of the regulation

Posters in retail stores will read:

PHOSPHORUS RUNOFF POSES A THREAT TO WATER QUALITY. THEREFORE, UNDER GL Ch. 128 SEC. 65A, PHOSPHORUS CONTAINING FERTILIZER MAY ONLY BE APPLIED TO LAWN OR NON-AGRICULTURAL TURF WHEN (i) a soil test indicates that additional phosphorus is needed for the growth of that lawn or non-agricultural turf; or ii) it is used for newly established lawn or non-agricultural turf during the first growing season.

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