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Information Technology

    Department Head
    Dan Wood
    The Information Technology Department’s (IT) goal is to plan, implement and manage the effective use of Information Technology technologies for the Town of Barnstable in its provision of services to its citizens.
    IT. is the provider of technology integration and support services. These services include Communications, Desktop, Geographic Information Systems, Business Solutions and Data Management.



    The "customers" that the IT supports fall into two categories:

    • Public - citizens and external government and private agencies.
    • Internal - All departments and employees within the town’s organization.


    IT supports more than 350 clients located in more than 10 town locations. The following technical services are offered to our customers:

    Communications Services: Communications services are the "highways" that deliver information to the public and between town staff and “external” locations. Wide Area Networks (WAN's) and Local Area Networks (LAN's) provide the connectivity to all town departments. IT provides planning and support for LAN-based connectivity services, WAN-based connection links with other town agencies (Police, School etc.) and internet connectivity for the town’s email and web site.

    Desktop Services: IT provides a standard desktop that includes: file and print sharing, e-mail, and office automation products, such as word processing, spreadsheets, database applications, internet access and town web site support. Upgrades, repairs and replacements of these products are routinely managed by IT staff. "Specialized" desktops that support particular applications, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), are also maintained. Additionally, customer training and support are provided by IT Technical Support staff.

    Geographic Information Systems Unit (GIS): GIS services allow town users to link disparate pieces of information by location. GIS combines geographic and other types of data to generate maps and reports, enabling users to collect, manage, and interpret location-based information in a planned and organized way. IT is committed to providing GIS planning services, maintaining GIS related databases, servers and applications for the benefit of all departments in the town.

    Business Solutions & Services: Technical project management, applications acquisition and/or development and software systems implementation and business analysis services are offered to all internal IT clients. Application integration services are provided for other public clients (Fire Department, Water Companies etc.) on an as-needed basis.

    Information Distribution & Data Management Services: Direct database management and integration services are provided to IT clients. Data integrity and consistency are maintained in accordance with data architecture standards. The town’s web site is hosted and maintained internally by the IT as an important means of information distribution. All back end servers and hardware are maintained internally by the IT as well.



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