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Trust Fund Advisory Committee

Authorities and responsibilities. The Trust Fund Advisory Committee is responsible for advising the Town Manager with respect to all issues which arise relating to the management and administration of the trusts of the Town, including investments, disbursements, and the compliance with the terms thereof. The Committee maybe a resource to be available to persons who wish to make gifts of money or property in trust to the Town, to facilitate such gifts. The Committee is an advisory committee of the Town.

See Chapter 241 Section 35 of General Code of the Town of Barnstable.

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Trust Fund Advisory


  • Murdoch, William - Chair- exp. 6/19
  • Blanchette, Debra- exp. 6/20
  • Gilmore, Jonathan- exp. 6/19
  • Parks, Frances- exp. 6/20
  • Plunkett, Gregory- exp. 6/19
  • Scanlon, Jayne- exp. 6/20
  • Ward, Christopher- exp. 6/19

Town Council Liaison

  • Matthew Levesque





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